Understanding the Concepts of Branding

Five Innovative Tactics to Build a Killer Brand

Your brand plays a critical role on how consumers perceive and associate with your company. A brand can help a company set itself apart as a leader in its respective industry by providing outstanding customer experience and products and delivering on its promises. However, many small businesses still don’t know how to go about building a killer brand. Below are five incredible tips to create an eye-catching brand.

Use a Unique Theme

Branding ConceptsUsing a memorable and bright theme to build a brand for your startup can help gain valuable mindshare among your target audiences. A unique background text works well for small businesses with limited resources since big media ads don’t allow the use of branding messaging. For example, a specialist in storing data and creating forms can use unique themes to stay ahead of the curve. An online movie store can use cartoon dinosaurs to theme its website. For example, use of a cute blue background of dinosaurs that follows web visitors everywhere they go on the landing page can increase customer retention. Beyond colorful themes on a web page, an online company can use peripheral elements that appear when a web visitor click over certain links or images on the site.

Be a Rock Star on Social Media

A strong presence on social media platforms can do wonders for the awareness of a small business brand. However, just creating a Facebook or Twitter account won’t be enough, though. Nearly every business including your competitors have a presence online, so you need to look for a unique way to set yourself apart. For example, an online fast food chain can capitalize on the power of tweets to stay on top of the mind of the internet users. You might be surprised how witty tweets can amass your followers and associate your company’s name with outstanding products and services. In the process, your brand will distance itself from its critiques and stay on the top of the game.


Focus on Product Packaging

Packaging can be a tremendous branding opportunity for brands that sell their products or services physically. For example, the use of minimalistic and clean packaging can make your company’s name as iconic and recognizable as its products. Smartphone vendors scan place a plastic wrap on their packaging boxes to make the whole customer experience pleasant. Even a unique smell inside the carton can be a game changer, especially if you target consumers that love the smell of scented candles. Imagine packaging a smartphone in a torn box with slogans and cheesy product images all over it. That doesn’t convey a right image, and probably no one would want to associate with your product or company.


Give Out Free Materials or Courses

Of course, everyone loves a freebie, so a branded merchandise can attract a lot of traffic to your website. The benefits of branding can go far beyond generating traffic to your online store. For example, an online fashion store can host weekly webinars and use them to share design tips for running a successful fashion empire. You can leverage these webinars to draw the attention of an audience interested in your expertise. Moreover, an enterprise that shares its insights is likely to encourage repeat purchases and inspire its current customers to refer their friends and associates to its brand. Relevant blogs, combined with the webinars, will position a brand as an expert in its field, and that might increase its demand when it comes to hiring an expert brand.


Give Your Employees Outstanding Perks

Offering an outstanding benefits package to your employees can go a long way to build an excellent reputation. While perks such as good health insurance and retirement benefits fall under this umbrella, free gym memberships are becoming a great form of discounting for local attractions. For example, allowing employees to watch their favorite programs during the break or lunch hour could make routine tasks seem less mundane. In fact, such benefits can help improve customer satisfaction, and satisfied workers are more likely to recommend prospective customers to your brand. Of course, everyone wants employees to consider their company as the top workplace. You can achieve this by offering them free rides to work, gourmet food, unparalleled paternity and maternity benefit, and a pet-friendly environment.

Nonetheless, it takes sheer hard work and determination to differentiate a brand from the rest. Any entrepreneur can capitalize on the above innovative tactics to build the value of their brands. With a strong brand, an enterprise can retain its loyal customers and attract top talents. Running a successful venture goes beyond just closing lots of leads and having high conversion rates. It is also more than how great experience you can offer your customers and far beyond just business practices and ethics.