Laser Brand Coaching LIVE

Join me on Wednesday, June 22 at 7:30 pm ET/ 4:30 pm PT for a LIVE Laser Brand coaching session. I will pick two people to work with LIVE on their branding and messaging. This 40-minute call will be an opportunity for everyone to learn together. The challenges and issues that we will discuss during these Live Laser Brand coaching sessions are relevant to everyone. We will discuss:

  • Your business versus your personal branding and how the two interact and influence potential clients and customers.
  • Your current brand status - is it working for you? Is your brand attracting your "ideal" clients?
  • How do you build your brand? You know what you do and what you do well, now how do you create a brand for your business around this?
  • What is brand positioning and how can it help increase your sales and overall revenue?
  • And much more...

To join in on the call and/or to be considered for one of the free Laser Brand Coaching Sessions (valued at $200), please enter your name and email address in the sign up box at the top of the page (See the big red arrow!) or below. You will be taken to a page with questions for you to answer. Submit your best answers to the questions and you may be selected for a FREE Laser Brand Coaching session. Of course, you can also just listen in. You will find both large and small "golden nuggets" of useful information for your own branding.

Sign up below for the FREE Laser Brand Coaching Live Session on Wednesday,  June 22 at 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT.


I look forward to having you on the call!

To Your Business & Book Branding Success,

Ruth Klein
Integrative Brand Strategist and Productivity Coach