By Ruth Klein

I recently watched an episode of the television show, The Profit. Businessman Marcus Lemonis owns the multi-billion dollar company, Camping World.

He also goes on the hunt for struggling businesses that need cash and who he believes is ready to make a deal for a percentage of the business and profits.

Why is Marcus able to save these failing businesses?

I would say because of his keen knowledge of branding, marketing and sales.

Guess what he suggested to his new business partner, a retail dress store with 7 locations and grossing $5,000,000 a year with debt of $500,000 just from last year!

If you guessed re-branding the business, you are right!

Marcus helped the business rebrand themselves visually (brighter, fresher, cleaner); content (merchandise to tell a story); and value (better quality of merchandise).

Here are 3 simple, inexpensive and yet powerful strategies to rebrand your business… whether you have a retail store or a service business.

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mckinsay-wayBy Ruth Klein

I love everything about a business brand! Why? Because a successful business brand reflects the essence of the founders… and when their values are in alignment… even decades after the founder passes, the successful business brand has kept its heart and soul… the essence of the company.

One of the most successful consulting firms in the world is McKinsey Consulting. In fact, there’s a book called The McKinsey Way. It shares how McKinsey started his business based around his values.

I think it is worth mentioning that brands, like people, are living entities. Why is this important? Because, brands slightly change as a reflection of the wants and needs of its customers.

I help my clients with five strategies I believe every successful brand, large and small needs to pay attention to…

google whole-foods zappos1. Visual Branding – Visual Branding pays attention to color and logo design

2. Personality-Based Branding – Is your business brand more introverted or extroverted?

3. Customer-Service Branding – This is where your brand can stand out. Think Zappos (free return policy), Nordstrom (generous return policy).

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