Welcome to the 30 Day 4G Branding Challenge!

Could your business or personal brand use a make-over?

Is your brand conveying the right message about you, your business or book?

Are you ready for a change in your brand and business?

Then let’s get started! Join the 30-day 4G Branding Challenge and you will spend 30 days concentrating on your brand and your marketing and publicity efforts. This challenge will help you define your unique, profitable and purpose-driven brand.

Here’s how it works:

1) The first step is the easiest – sign up! Use the sign up box below to get your first daily challenge!

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2) Each day a new challenge will be posted. Complete the challenge every day and leave a comment in the comments section for each challenge. Some challenges will only take a few minutes others may take a half hour or hour. You, your business and your brand are worth it!

  • You will need to Take Action with the Purpose-Driven Branding Guide everyday
  • You will keep your progress reports inside the www.4GBranding.com membership area
  • Everyone who has completed the 30-Day challenge will have their names placed in a hat and the winners will be drawn.

3) At the end of the challenge you will receive a 30-day Purpose-Driven Branding Guide and be eligible for some amazing prices!

Everyone who completes the 30-day challenge will be eligible for the following prizes

The First Place Winner will recieve a FREE ticket to the first-ever three-day 4G Branding Summit in Los Angeles, October 29-31 in Beverly Hills at the Beverly Hilton where you’ll hear, learn and implement “everything branding” which includes marketing, publicity, social media, time management and productivity from me and successful business brands.

And…there will literary agents, publishers, media editors, film producers, and soooo much more for you to ask questions, learn and network!

First Prize Winner receives:
A FREE ticket to the first-ever Three-day 4G Branding: The Next Generation Summit to be held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif. (the winner will be responsible for all travel and other expenses) You can read all about this amazing Summit at www.4GBranding.com

Second Prize Winner receives:
Laser Brand Private Coaching with Ruth Klein (Thirty minutes…$225 Value)

Third Prize Winner receives:
Laser Brand Private Coaching with Ruth Klein

Fourth Prize Winner receives:
Laser Brand Private Coaching with Ruth Klein