Transforming Your Brand, Your Marketing and Your Money Into A Spirit-Minded, Financially Profitable Business

by Ruth Klein on November 9, 2013

This year’s 4G Branding LIVE event was fantastic! It was filled with wonderful men and women ready to transform their brand, their marketing and their money into a spirit-minded, purpose-driven, and financially profitable business.

I know you too can benefit from the information shared during the event, so I would love to share with you what I think are the key pieces when you ReImagine, ReCycle and ReEngage your brand.

Brand Positioning & Marketing:

There is something I call Brand Synchronicity. This happens where purpose, passion and profits meet…. When you have belief and faith in what is possible for your brand, the courage to make decisions based on that belief, and take action to gain momentum, the universe chimes in with cash flow. It’s so beautiful when this happens!

First, you must recognize the truth and power of your Brand Value. To understand your Brand Value, ask yourself… in what ways does your product, program or service impact your clients?

It will impact them in one or more of these areas: Health/Well Being, Family, Relationships, The Problem Being Solved, Finances/Money, Spirit/Purpose & Future/Potential.

When you recognize your Brand Value, you no longer struggle with pricing. Remember, “Value” is perceived by your client. “Pricing” is perceived by you. When you realize the truth of your Brand Value, you can confidently charge what you’re worth and confidently plan your Marketing Calendar for the year.

Niche Marketing

It’s time for a Niche Market Breakthrough- where you understand your exact ideal client and niche market. Start with the broad categories and then get more and more specific. Some broad categories include: Business/Entrepreneurs, Marketing/Sales, Executive/Corporate, Health/Wellness/Beauty.

When fine-tuning your niche, ask yourself for each potential ideal client:

What is the problem they experience daily?
What specific behavior or solution do they really want?
What do they need to learn/know/do?
What is their ultimate outcome?
What is their why?

Answering these questions will help you get inside of your ideal client’s brain, so you can target your wonderful solutions for their exact needs.

When identifying and designing solutions, visualize a pyramid. The pyramid will contain all of your offerings and you will have multiple solutions within every level of the pyramid.

  • At the base of your pyramid, you can offer your free gifts, newsletters, video and other free products.
  • Next, you can offer Do It Yourself type offerings, such as: inexpensive E-Books, seminars, special reports and tele-seminars.
  • Next, you want to accelerate the solution by offering items such as tele-classes, short-term coaching, workshops and retreats.
  • The top two levels of your solution offering should create synergy and be exclusive. Some examples are certification, licensing, or offering a Platinum or Diamond Private group.
Signature Story

When marketing all of these solutions, a Signature Story will allow you to connect with the heart and soul of your audience, and inspire people to take action.

To develop your Signautre Story, identify the problem your clients have, what happens for them if they don’t have it resolved and why are YOU the person to help them. Highlight your own personal experience and story as it applies to the problem. Be sure to include a call to action.

Money Mindset & Energy

When you understand your high brand value and you have a clear marketing message, cash flow will be the result.

Sometimes, other “stuff” gets in the way, and you have to make a conscious effort to clear it out and de-clutter. Some signs that you may have money clutter to clear out is if you are not launching programs, you’re not following up with prospective clients, you’re charging low fees or saying yes to discounts. You may be going over time on coaching sessions or charging less because you worry you won’t get the client otherwise.

This money clutter is costing you. Think of one of the above issues, or another similar issue you may be facing, and figure out the ways this behavior is costing you or impacting you. Then, ask yourself if this behavior was no longer tolerated, how much would your income improve?

Visualize what your Ideal Money Picture looks like… What is your income, savings, lifestyle, experiences? Keep this in your mind as you set your financial goals and and use as motivation to take the necessary courageous actions.

Come up with a 30-Day Courageous Money Goal, and then decide what you will courageously do so that you meet this goal. Set goals for the number of speeches you’ll set up, or the number of new clients you’ll get. Write it out and sign it. Take courageous action during that 30 days.

Remember this beautiful quote: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now”. ~ Goethe

If you would like support in transforming your brand, your marketing, and your money, please send me an email.

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