The 3 Biggest Myths to Running a Business

by Ruth Klein on November 20, 2013

There are so many myths that businesses have developed over the years that we take as truth. Sometimes, these myths can really get us into trouble…

Here are three myths that most businesses fall into:

Myth#1: Getting Organized Means Just Clearing Your Desk

That’s always a good idea to do, but that works for about a minute. Getting organized is so much more than that!

I have been involved in productivity and organization for over 20 years. In fact, my first book was a time management book, teaching women how to manage their time creatively.

I’ve learned Productivity is the name of the game in business. Spinning your wheels is very counter-productive for your business and for you, and is painful. If it happens several days, weeks or months in a row, and you’re not productive, you will likely start with the self-criticism, which does nothing for your motivation.

Organization includes making time to write, update your website, create products or offers.

neatofficeIt’s difficult for us to get organized if we have a lot of clutter, which prevents new money from coming into your life. Where is your clutter? On your desk or in the drawers? On the floor? In your closet or your bathroom drawers? This is all very important if you have a home office.  Be honest with yourself where the clutter presently exists. What has prevented you from cleaning up the clutter until now? The most common response is that there is not enough time.

What if clutter was no longer an issue to you, how would you feel? Would it open up time? Would it feel peaceful? Just knowing you have that space opens you up and releases anxiety.  The more open you can get in your workspace, the more productive you will be.

Here’s an easy way to start: Take a shopping bag and take everything in your desk drawer, and put it all in the bag. If you have a file cabinet with folders, stack them in a brown bag. Now, take ten–thirty minutes after lunch going through the bag and folders. Then do the same thing the next day, and the next day and the next day- until you’ve sorted through those bags. Just by taking those 10-15 minutes each day, is going to feel so good and remember to think of it positively as you do it.

Myth#2: Building Momentum Requires You To Be In Business A LOT of Years

Businesses who have been in business for many years don’t necessarily have momentum.  In fact, it’s often just the opposite. Creating momentum can happen for you right now…by creating and building relationships with your potential clients and existing clients.BX_BusCard

Remember those business cards you’ve collected at events? Now is the time to build momentum and connect with those people again.

Email, call, invite them to coffee or lunch… it’s all part of building momentum. When you reconnect with people you’ve already met, there is something about the excitement of being in the flow of connection that is incredible and often ends up with you being able to solve a problem for them.

Connect with existing clients “just because”, with no other reason but just to connect.  Being in the flow of relationship and connections will build your confidence and momentum.

If you feel uncomfortable connecting with people, do it anyway.  It’s not about “selling”, it’s about communicating, being present and listening to your client or potential client. So even if you are an introvert, this is a powerful action to take.

Decide to build momentum with your business starting today. What outcome do you want? Be specific; such as increasing your revenue by 25% in the next two months.  Then, take action.

Myth#3: Jumpstarting Your Marketing Takes A Lot of Your Time

That couldn’t be further from the truth. What it does take is having a system…

When we go about our day, and try to plan it hour by hour, we tend to get lost. I tried that for years and it was not at all effective. It can cause more stress because our lives are not as rigid as that.

What I have found works really well is to chunk down your day into AM and PM…mornings and afternoons.pocket-planne-lg

For example, Monday morning is my writing time. In the afternoon, I do marketing. I make calls for speaking engagements and do other marketing type activities.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings are for Business Development and networking.  The afternoons are for my clients.

On Fridays, I work until about 3pm right now, but at the beginning of the year, it will only be until noon.

I wanted to create something quick and with high impact to help you get organized, build momentum now …so that you’re up and running by the new year… with new strategies, a new mindset to eliminate those limiting beliefs so that you make a positive impact on your business profits now.

It is NOT too late to make an impact this year! Even through the holidays, it can be a very profitable time for you.

I’ve created a five-session class, “Get Organized, Build Momentum and Jumpstart Your Marketing in 30 Days”, which starts next Monday, November 25th at 5 pm PST. First, we will work on creating a heart-centered brand. Then, we’ll talk about how to create your relationship-marketing message. Next, we’ll be talking about productivity and tying it all together with money, health & energy….  I’m so excited to be sharing this with you so you can see what can happen in just 30 days!

Go here to learn more about the class…


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