Do you want to be the center of attention or the center of influence?

by Ruth Klein on October 11, 2013

Most of the entrepreneurs, professionals and authors I work with are people who have expertise and excel at what they do. I find them to be multi-talented, wearing several different hats and many times not knowing how to integrate all of the interesting parts to what they know, their experience and what they do.

I’ve noticed that when I talk to these entrepreneurs about becoming an Expert Celebrity, they either do one of two things…they either understand it and it resonates with them….or they immediately say things like, “I don’t want to be a Hollywood celebrity.”

At that point, they have made up their mind and they are no longer listening to what I have to say…very interesting!! For the longest time, I could not understand where the two opposite responses were coming from! And to make matters more frustrating, I was potentially attracting my ideal clients in both situations!

question-markWhy would it be that some people understood it the way I explained it, and others were actually opposed to the messaging for themselves!!

Well, this weekend, I ended up receiving a download and it made all the sense in the world to me. Now, I finally understand what the difference is…

Here it is: Becoming an Expert Celebrity is NOT about becoming the Center of Attention… it’s about becoming a Center of Influence.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I realized that distinction! Even though I knew it internally, I couldn’t express it in my messaging. This reminded me (once again) how important a clear message is! If I don’t get the messaging clear- with my branding or with my marketing- then the other person, the potential client, is not going to get it either. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s a big blind spot as well… even I don’t resonate with the word “celebrity” but I do resonate with “thought leader and influence”. I was using a word that I found myself defending!!!! I thought that when I used the word “celebrity” after the word “expert,” people would “get” it… but that was not the case!

I also realized my messaging, up until now, was only half-effective. Half of my target market was getting it and the other half was… not. And here’s the clincher… it’s not their responsibility to “get it.” It is my responsibility to get really clear on what it is that I do…

And what I do is help entrepreneurs, lawyers, health professionals and authors become Centers of Influence- not centers of attention…although there’s certainly not anything wrong with that either.

It became clear that the group that was resistant to becoming an Expert Celebrity was equating it to becoming the center of attention, because of the connotation of the word “celebrity”. Often times when we think of “celebrities,” we think of entertainment or athletic celebrities…. and, in some cases divas.

flock of migrating canada geese birdsAn Expert Celebrity, however, is a center of Influence among their constituents, their clients, shareholders, and the community at large. They become Thought Leaders in their industries. And in the process of becoming a Thought Leader, they naturally become a center of influence.

I was so excited to have made that distinction and to really clarify for myself as well as for others. It actually prompted me to go to a dictionary (yes, a good old-fashioned dictionary!), and I looked up “influence”. I LOVE the definition I found! It was “to make a difference; a powerful difference”…  I received goose bumps when I read that.

I have not looked up the definition of attention yet, but I will, because I can use that in my messaging to let people know what it is NOT. That was such a big “aha” and makes so much sense to me, because the clients I attract are clients that want to be on purpose, make a powerful difference and want to be in the flow of who they are authentically.

I’d like to share three strategies to help you get further on target with your brand messaging. (By the way, when you attend the upcoming 4Gbranding LIVE event in Los Angeles Nov. 1-3, you will have your business brand and your brand messaging when you leave after three days…plus, so many specific-marketing ideas!)

Four strategies to help target your Brand Messaging:

  1. During the next three networking events, pay close attention to the response you receive after you share what you do. (Hint: if they don’t ask you anything further about what you do, you may not be on target with your Brand Messaging… just like I was only 50% on target…even though I was talking to my Ideal Clients… I just couldn’t understand what was going on!!)
  2. Your Brand is always evolving because YOU are always evolving. Go back and check out your Brand Messaging every month or two to make sure that it embraces all of what you do and who you are.
  3. Your Ideal Client immediately “gets” what you do… just by listening to your brand messaging. (Hint: many people who were my Ideal clients thought I was going to help them become Centers of Attention and they didn’t want that…they equated that to “Hollywood” divas, not authentic…need I go on?)
  4. Do you resonate with your brand messaging completely? What a rude awakening when I became honest with myself and acknowledged that I wasn’t comfortable with the word “celebrity” because I felt the same “objections” to the Ideal Clients that I had “turned off” with my non-clear message!

The bottom line is: You have to feel comfortable and resonate with what you’re saying and doing completely!

If not, there’s probably good reason that you don’t. Plus, others will always reflect back to you what they’re hearing! So, make your brand messaging clear for yourself and then there’s a good chance that your ideal client will “get” it as well!

I will be hosting a Conscious Leadership Expert Tele-Summit on October 22, 23 & 24, where I’m going to interview 7 Thought Leaders who are… Centers of Influence in their field.

That which we pay attention to and give energy to, usually thrives and your brand is no different.

Even though I can certainly say my business is successful, as well as my brand, there is still a lot of room for further evolving and this was a perfect example. I wanted to share it with you because I want everyone to understand, that a brand is always evolving just as you are always evolving.

If you create a brand this year, you might want to tweak it in six months or a year. The over-arching brand is the same, but you’ll want and need to focus in and go deeper on what your brand is really about and clarify your messaging even further.

The timing of my download was just serendipitous as we are going to talk about all of this at my upcoming 3-day live event, where I will talk about everything branding and teach marketing strategies that reinforce that brand.

At the end of three days, you’ll walk out with a: Brand Vision, Brand Promise & Brand Statement… When someone asks you what you do, you will finally have a response that is very, very comfortable and will resonate with you.

That one statement can literally attract your ideal client even when you have only one, three or five minutes to introduce yourself and explain what you do.

We will also have a different panel of experts each day. Each panel will focus on a different topic and you will be able to ask questions to each of them. Here are the three panels:

  1. Media Panel: This panel will be sharing very pertinent information on how to attract media attention and you can also pitch to them, if this is something you would like to do.
  2. Literary Agents & Producers: This panel will be sharing expert information on how to take your screenplay or book to television or movies- or get your book published.
  3. Conscious Leadership Brand Experts: These conscious and successful businesses will be talking about how they created their highly successful brand.

As you can see, it’s going to be a jam-packed, fun-filled, information-gathering 3 day event! It’s taking place Nov. 1-3 here in Los Angeles, in Century City at the lovely Intercontinental Hotel.

Please check it out here…

This is YOUR opportunity to devote three days to your business, go deeper into your brand, learn new marketing strategies and learn from the three expert panels. Taking the time to focus solely on your business & branding is going to transform your business.

I can’t wait to see you there!


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