Do You Have The Energy To Run Your Business? Part Two

by Ruth Klein on October 2, 2013

I’ve been thinking a lot about the great question that one of my dear clients asked me recently about how I accomplish so much and still manage to have plenty of energy. Since then, I‘ve become more aware of what it is I do to keep my energy at the high level that is needed for my business. So many of you loved the ideas in my last article… I have more for you today. 🙂

I want to share four ways to become more productive and increase your Time & your Energy….

1.     Organize & Systematize Your Week

Ruth Klein Productivity CoachOne element of my life that I consciously manage is my schedule. I’m a big proponent of planning & organizing my time, not only to run my business most effectively, but also to enjoy my life and do the things I love doing. If I don’t control my schedule, then I allow others to control my time…my day…and my life.

Tip: It’s very important to manage our time because in effect our schedules control our lives. Time allows us to have the freedom to do the things we love to do. Time allows us to do our business development, our marketing, have fun, or go on vacation.

This is what a typical week looks like for me:

Monday: Organize, Plan for the Week, Marketing, Writing

On Mondays, I get organized for the week. I craft my articles; do my marketing without worrying that I have to stop because I have an appointment in 30 minutes or an hour.

Knowing I have Monday to get organized alleviates a lot of stress! The moment I get into anxiety and into overwhelm, my energy dips severely- so it’s important for me to maintain my organization and calendar… it’s an essential piece to maintaining my energy.

Tip: When we try to squeeze things in, we sometimes think to ourselves that we don’t have enough time, and just by thinking that- we self-sabotage ourselves. Once we feel overwhelmed, we kick ourselves out of the game. We literally do that just by our thoughts!

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:  Work with Clients

These are the days that I save my energy for my clients. I’m not distracted mentally by other things I have to do or by other projects.

When I work with a client, it’s very focused and I put a lot of energy into it. It’s a matter of me being present with what my clients are saying and needing. It’s not a matter of time; it’s a matter of being in the “creative zone” and being in peak energy.

Friday: Clean up & Follow up.

If there is any follow-up with clients, this is my designated day. I also clean up any loose ends from the week so I don’t have to start the following week cleaning up the previous week.

Saturday: Rejuvenate

I try not to work weekends. Those are the days I regenerate. My energy starts to slow down Friday evening and I need every bit of Saturday to regenerate my body and my mind.

There are times when I do need to work, of course, or give a speech on a weekend, but it’s rare and I try not to.

Tip: We all have “X” amount of energy units every single day, and if we don’t regenerate for a day or two, then we’re no good for ourselves or for others. When we keep our energy up, on the other hand, that’s when we’re at our peak to serve others.

Sunday: Fun Day/Play Day

Taking time out specifically to have fun and play is a very important part of maintaining my energy.

Tip: This is especially necessary for entrepreneurs- who work long hours and often feel guilty taking time away from their businesses. But, to keep your energy at a high level, it is important to take a mental vacation even for a day. And it does wonders because just by taking one day; you often come back refreshed with new, creative business ideas. It’s a win-win.

2.     Refocus and Center Yourself Daily

Ruth Klein Branding CoachI journal first thing every morning and it’s a wonderful way for me to organize my thoughts and as a benefit, it organizes my day. While I’m doing that in the morning, I find ideas come up that are solutions to questions that I’ve had. That time I spend having my coffee and writing is my brainstorming buddy and my business buddy. I don’t listen to music. I don’t listen to the news. That is the time I listen to myself; and the time I listen to something far bigger and greater than I.

3.     Create Healthy Boundaries for You and Your Clients

If a client sends me something one afternoon and expects a reply the next day, that’s not likely to happen because I already have projects planned with other clients.

4.     Plan & Keep Space for Your Projects and Client in an Organized Way

I use a project management system that helps me stay organized and on track with each of my clients. It is important that I am able to circle back with my client for feedback within 48 hours, providing it’s not on a Friday afternoon, as I do not work most weekends.

Once I have a few days to look at it and digest it, then we can talk about it the next time we get together. If there is something I think they need to know immediately, I’ll email back to them. But, I have found that it’s very difficult to give solid feedback via email. I want to listen to what they’re saying and I want them to listen to what I’m saying; my intonation, so that it becomes a conversation… That’s when the real transformation and change happens rather than emailing back and forth.

What I’ve found to be true is this… If you don’t plan, you end up in crisis management mode putting out fires. That is the surest way to zap your energy! When you’re working in crisis management mode most of the day, you send that energy to everyone you interact with. Your crisis energy falls into other’s laps and it takes a person who is really insightful to not take it personally.

Tip: If you’re finding that you’re always putting out fires and you’re getting upset with people for not doing things fast enough, getting back to you in time, and you’re on deadline all the time… that’s a beautiful opportunity to say to yourself “OK, what’s going on that is creating this pattern of overwhelm, frustration, anxiety and crisis?”

If it’s happening to you frequently, remember  you’re the main character of your story– at your party. This is the perfect opportunity to see the pattern that you’re working within.

If you don’t want to operate that way anymore and if you want to have more energy to enjoy your day and your life, take advantage of this opportunity to create space and implement these four productivity strategies.




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