“Branding, Money and Synchronicity…” Building momentum for your business and income.

by Ruth Klein on October 24, 2013

There’s a direct relationship between branding and money; they go hand-in-hand. The same type of energy that’s required to create your authentic brand is used to create the authentic energy of your money.

When I talk about the energy of your brand, it includes everything about you… It includes your successes and failures (we know there is no such thing as failure — it’s just feedback; successes are feedback as well). Your branding also includes your education, experiences and special talents, which all come together and integrate into what your purpose is… your special gift. Hopefully, you’re in a position where you’ve created a business that revolves around your purpose-driven brand.

The same energy, the same authenticity is required to look at your business brand and your personal brand. What’s the difference?

BRAND on price labelsYour personal brand is everything that has to do with you — it’s the internal brand of a business. When I talk about your business brand, what I’m really talking about is the external brand of your business. The goal is to keep both the personal/internal and business/external brand consistent and transparent.

When it’s transparent, people are able to see that the business brand, the external part of the brand, goes straight to the heart of you — your internal brand. At the end of the day, you are your brand… but there are two parts to it. The internal part of the brand and the external part of the brand must be consistent or people will hear what you have to say but they’ll sense there’s some discrepancy or discord and won’t hire you for services or buy your products. A prospective client may not be able to put his/her finger on it, but he/she can certainly feel something just doesn’t seem right…. They can sense the discrepancy or disconnect, if you will.

It’s the same with the energy of money — it’s how you hold and see money. There are many different ways we grow up thinking about money, depending on what our early messages were. For example, do you procrastinate, not with just things centered around money? When it comes to money, you may be paying bills late, or paying them mostly on time, but you still receive penalties because some bills aren’t being paid in a timely and consecutive way. Or perhaps you fear discussing your fee with potential clients. Maybe you don’t raise your prices or keep your prices at the low end of the market. That may be your strategy, but that only works if that is your stratagem — and not because you feel uncomfortable raising your fee.

money_heart1_281x300Do you find that your highest-level package of products or services is still lower than anyone else’s? You might find that you overload what you offer and offer too many items. That again plays right back to how you value what you do, how you value yourself and how you hold your brand. This might also look like you’re giving away WAY too much info and overloading your clients, resulting in the client getting overwhelmed. You might feel you have to provide lots of information, because if you don’t give a lot, there’s not enough value.

If this sounds familiar, it may very well be an issue of deservability. When the energy of money and your brand is centered around deservability, and you give away services without charging for them, you are faulting yourself for not giving or doing more. You are giving much more than what is paid for. You feel uncomfortable asking for additional fees if there is a client who requires a lot more of your time. A lot of this is a question of self esteem, and knowing what one’s hard work, services and products are truly worth.

The energy of your money is a direct reflection of the energy of your brand. You may frequently find that you experience cycles of feast or famine. Sometimes you have many clients while at other times hardly any at all. The same thing shows up in your checkbook. Often, one of the first questions I’ll ask right off the bat is: “Is the amount of money available in your checkbook what you want?” If it’s consistently too low, and the answer is no, the first place I always look at is a businessperson’s brand and the energy surrounding that, because it directly impacts upon and reflects the checkbook.

imagesYou may find you are charging high fees but don’t have any money at the end of the month or year. You often feel that when it comes to money you’re being taken advantage or are being overcharged. You also might feel some shame around money — as if people won’t accept or love you if you have more than they do.

You might even have a sense that there’s something sinful about making money and earning a profit. Or you may find that you easily cave in when asked for a discount — and then feel resentful after you give the discount because you weren’t comfortable standing your ground.

The issue may be that you do not see your brand’s true value… That will play in the energy of how others value your brand and will ultimately be reflected in your checkbook. That negative energy plays havoc with your brand and your worth — what your message value is out in public.

Another sign is that you may also back down after quoting a fee, or you’re doing lots of trading for services, which almost never works. Unless they’re services or products you’re currently using or truly want to use and/or have. You might even decide in advance how much someone can afford to pay you, when in reality you haven’t given that person the dignity to participate in making that decision themselves. In reality, they are not investing in you, they are investing in themselves and their business, and you are honored to be a facilitator to that.

These are several factors that go into branding, money and synchronicity. When we have the branding and recognize the value of our own brand, we see the value of money and how it works together. Then something happens and it becomes synchronistic… which I refer to as “momentum.” Once you gain more and more understanding of what your brand is, who you are, the value of your brand, your relationship to your money, the value of the investment — there is a certain amount of momentum that comes up and that “Big Mo’” has a wonderful synchronistic effect on your business. It attracts clients on a regular basis, as well as drawing income with regularity, so there’s no more feast or famine, boom or bust cycle.

Let me share a couple of value ideas for your brand:

1. Clients want to hear you’re confident. They want to hear they can get the results they want. They want to hear that you believe what you’re offering is a gift. When you truly believe in what you’re providing and know it will get results for your clients, and that it truly is a gift — this will come across as such to your clients. That momentum of genuineness and knowing will happen for your clients.

2. Clients want to know you’re enthusiastic. They want to hear that you know your stuff. This happens to me all the time — I get so excited and enthusiastic that I don’t even realize it, but people tell me, “Wow, you’re so high energy when you talk about that!” That’s when you know you’re pursuing your true purpose; it’s a gift and talent. It’s something you’ve spent 10,000 hours perfecting and didn’t happen overnight.

3. Clients want to feel connected. How much are you listening to your client and how much are they talking? When you and your client communicate are you listening 80 percent, are they talking 20 percent or are you talking 80 percent and they’re listening 20 percent of the time? Here is that 80/20 rule that shows up everywhere — the ideal number is 80/20…  with, generally, your clients doing 80 percent of the talking and you listening 20 percent of the time. However, depending on the situation, it may you doing 80 percent of the talking while the client is listening 80 percent of the time.

4. You want to build a vivid vision for your clients. You want to vividly describe what they’ll experience. Not the features — not the number of sessions they’ll have with you — but what experience are they going to feel? Will they have peace of mind, break through clutter, no longer be stuck in overload, have less anxiety, be more productive, have more freedom and time during the day? Are they going to attract more income so they have more freedom to hire additional people, to delegate out to vendors… what is the vivid vision, the picture you are painting for your clients?

5. Clients want to feel emotionally connected. Do you make your clients feel special? Is your conversation personalized to their situation or do you talk to them in general terms? Are you emotionally connecting your service to what they desire? Not what you desire, but what they desire….

Are you clear and direct as to why waiting is a problem for them? If they continue to wait and if this resonates with them, you need to let them know by being clear and direct that you “get” why their continuing to wait is a problem for them. The importance of customer service mustn’t be underestimated; it can make the difference between an ex-client who felt like he/she was being taken for granted and a repeat customer. I know many times I feel like I care more about someone else’s business than they do! So many different fears come up, so the value must be strong enough that it overrides trepidations regarding their investment.



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Marcia Clark October 26, 2013 at 2:01 am

THIS WAS AWESOME! Thank you so much for writing this. I can’t wait to work on all of this at the 4 G Branding Conference next week. Thank you for sharing your gifts and wisdom!!!

From my heart,


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