Do you have enough energy to run your business????

by Ruth Klein on September 18, 2013

It started one afternoon, when one of my dear clients asked me, “Ruth, how do you have the energy to do what you’re doing?” She was getting tired and that’s what happens to a lot of entrepreneurs, and I used to be there too.

I thought that was a brilliant, brilliant question. I didn’t even really know the specific answer but I just talked about what I do, and this is what I realized…

The reason I have so much energy and the reason my clients have so much momentum in what they’re doing  capturingpositive energyand getting things done is because… I delegate out those activities that I simply don’t like to do.

It doesn’t mean I can’t do them. It means I don’t want to do them. They bring me down and don’t feed me; they don’t feed my heart or my soul. Now, anytime I get that “Oh man, I have to do that now” feeling… I just delegate it out.

I’ll write down all the things I need to do and I find that each item will either lift me or bring me down and give me that “blah” feeling, I know that’s the item that must be delegated.

If you find you have something on your list that you haven’t done for 5 days or a week, it’s not going to get done any time soon. Chances are it’s something you really should not be doing, so you need to figure out how you can delegate that out.

People will tell me they can’t afford to have a team when they are barely making money. But I’m here to tell you that may be precisely why you are barely making money… You are brilliant, you are talented, you have gifts to share with the world… but you have to be able to get unstuck! You can do that by delegating out to good people. I know that’s not so easy to find, but you need to keep looking so that you can let your brilliance shine!

Here’s an example: I love taking care of money, but I don’t like or want to do the bookkeeping. It bores me to tears, so I’m not the person to do that particular task. It used to take me a whole weekend to pay bills and balance my checkbook- a whole weekend! That is not OK with me. But, someone else might LOVE IT and that’s what I looked for and found.

I found a secretary who also does my books for me. She has been with me now for 11 years and I love her to death. She takes care of my finances even better than I would. She is amazing and because of her suggestion, we have lots of checks and balances. That has worked out really well for me.

I have also found an incredible virtual assistant. She takes A LOT off my plate and because of her, I’m able to be far more consistent and I can take all of my energy and brilliance to create and launch so many programs. She’s right there with me, she finishes up articles if necessary, helps me with sales letters, etc. It’s just wonderful.

I have another piece of my dream team, my computer guy, Ron. Heaven forbid my computer goes down! He’s able to go onto my computer and problem-solve for me. He can do that in the morning, at night, etc. I pay him a retainer because I just can’t afford to lose him. He will even come to the house when there are apps that I want to download! He is my wireless wizard!

Find people to help you! It took me a while to find my dream team, but just keep looking.

You may even want to do this for your housecleaning. Let’s say that you have not allowed room in your budget for this expense… how about if you find a college student and when you make dinner, you make extra… so you give her meals instead of cash. She doesn’t have to pay out of pocket for those meals, you get your house cleaning done and all you have to do is make a double dose of meals. Get creative!

prettyPoppiesThese are some of things to help you KEEP THE ENERGY GOING. Energy is something you can’t see, but you can certainly feel it. Energy, when it’s positive, begets more positive energy!

When the energy goes down, this is when self-doubt crops up…. This is when whatever your pattern of self-sabotage is… might be procrastination, might be “I’m too busy”, might be “what am I thinking, I can’t do that” or “I can’t invest in that because I don’t make enough money”…

Whatever that old pattern of self-sabotage is, it tends to come through when our energy is low. You can test it when you are exhausted and tired. Old belief patterns will pop in… so when those thoughts pop up for me personally, that’s when I realize I’m exhausted.

The reality is this; the real piece of who you are is being covered up when you run out of energy, like a cloud covering the sun. You know the sun is there but you can’t see it. It doesn’t mean the sun is not there; it most certainly is. The same goes for you- the lack of energy covers up your brilliance, BUT it is still there, you just need to take steps to uncover that  brilliance and keep that energy going!

Here are 4 things you can do now to keep your energy going:

1. Write a list of all things you have to do. You just need to get it out of your head and onto paper.

2. Put the items on that list into categories.

I teach a Fab 5 class that’s going to be starting soon. We’re going to take that long “to do” list and sort it into 5 categories- environment, marketing, business development, money and writing. Chances are, your items will go into one of those five categories. You might have two extra categories- health and fun. I love what I do so much, that I consider it fun and sometimes forget to pull myself away and go have some regular fun- exercise, visit a friend etc. Also on my fun list are events coming up that I want to go to.

3.  Find a dream team. Look at what you simply do not like doing that is causing you to procrastinate and causing you to not have time. Then, see what type of team member you might need for that. Just sit with that for a while… Synchronicity is a wonderful universal tool, and magnet. For right now, just let it sit… and don’t worry right now about how to pay. Just focus in on what that dream team member might need to be and what their skill set needs to be.

4. Visualize what your business would look like if you had high energy, doing your brilliance and the things you love… knowing that you have a team that supports you, doing those items that up until now have been holding you back. Visualize yourself unstuck & being in your brilliance, to the point where you could, conservatively, double your business.

Here’s to You, Your Brand & Your Brilliance!

Ruth Klein


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