Are You Nurturing Your Brand…. or Is It Withering From Neglect?

by Ruth Klein on July 25, 2013

Are You Nurturing Your Brand… or Is It Withering From Neglect?

Three Ways to Nurture Your Brand

Your Business brand is a breathing entity…you have spent a lot of time, money and energy creating your Business and your Brand. Now, it’s important to start nurturing your Brand. Your Business Brand is a reflection of your Personal Brand. How are you nurturing it and if you’re not, then others, in particular potential clients will shy away from your services because unconsciously there is a disconnect for them.

How might that look for you? It usually means the potential client ends up working with another business and you’re standing around wondering what just happened. If you’re finding this to be the case too many times in your business, read on to learn three ways to nurture your Business Brand.

1. Think of your Business Brand as a breathing entity. For those of you who have gardens, children, relationships…or anything else that grows and breathes, you understand how vital it is to pay attention and nurture your garden with water, fertilizer, and even “talking” to them or at the very least, sending them good vibes. For those of us who have children, the act of nurturing is a life long process.

Decide what is needed to nurture your Business Brand….does it need new, updated messaging that represents who you are today…which is probably a little different than who you were…and your business as a result, from two years ago…or in many cases, one year ago.

2. Take a little time to review your website with an existing client and also with a potential client.. this is invaluable market research. And, rather than this time and energy becoming an expense to you, it more than likely will help connect you a little closer to your client and potential client. Why? Because people love to help you and feel special when asked for their feedback. Just make sure that the potential client is your IDEAL CLIENT!

3. Answer a few questions that may offer you a breakthrough in where you are feeling “stuck” in your business or identifying old limiting patterns that are preventing you from moving forward in your business in a bigger way. Go here and download some questions that will help you start moving forward and help you nurture your Business Brand.

Here’s to Your Brand & Your Brilliance!

Ruth Klein

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