Are You Working Your Business Consciously or in Default?

by Ruth Klein on June 14, 2013

I brought my car in this morning for service -which was a good thing, considering it was 1,100 miles past the requested “service warning” milestone. The service center provided me with a loaner car, which was similar to my own. There were differences however: in the actual way I stopped the car, put it in reverse and took it forward, as well as where the turn-signal controls were located.

I stopped the car twice, frustrated with the fact that I kept forgetting the simplest instructions for operating the new car. My internal critic let out a big: “Gee, what is wrong with you?” Then, moments later I had an “aha” and realized how critical I was being on myself, an old pattern for sure, that for the most part has disappeared. Yet there I was being extra hard on myself.

As I examined what was going on for me in the moment, a few insights came up. See if any of these resonate with you now or in the past.

First “Aha.” When the self-criticism arose, I went into mental, emotional and physical “default.” The mental default said: “Gee, what is wrong with you?” The emotional default had me very irritated with myself. And my physical default had me reaching for the placement of gears and signalling equipment in my old car.

Second “Aha.” These default reactions came from old neural pathways in the brain that tie us to our habitual ways of responding to situations.

Third “Aha.” Business owners often go into default after attending a class, a program, a seminar, a webinar, or a coaching session. We “get it” during the training, and then our thoughts and actions go into default afterwards and it’s as if we forgot everything.

That’s actually one of the reasons why I have training and coaching that will help you create a new default that is life and business serving.

Fourth “Aha.” This one was more of a question: Where in all of this was my spiritual default? The truth was that I had not created enough “spiritual muscle” in this area, so there was none to be found.

What are some strategies to pull out of the Default Mode that is not life-serving for you personally or for your business?

Three Ways to Pull Out of Default Mode 

1. Be conscious versus critical. One strategy is to become a conscious entrepreneur with a 360 degree lens so that you don’t let a stressful situation create tunnel vision. There’s always the bigger picture to focus on.

2. Think of situations in which you react in default mode as opportunities to change your neural pathways. They’re excellent and healthy brain exercisers! Just by thinking new thoughts… new neural pathways are established!

3. Let go of the self-doubt, irritation and anger and focus on the truth. Thinking of anything less than the Brilliant person you are is simply not the truth. Think of one action item you can take to solidify your new thought, emotion or action… so that you can firmly anchor it in.

With a little practice, you’ll soon be breaking out of life-defeating default mode and, as a result, you’ll feel more energized, creative and refreshed, ready to handle any challenge that comes your way. In that state, it’ll be easy to build the spiritual muscle you’ll need to handle stressful moments and avoid habitual responses moving forward.

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