What is a brand really?

by Ruth Klein on October 11, 2010

As an Integrative Brand Strategist, I am asked almost daily, sometimes several times a day, “What is a brand really?” So I decided to share just a tip of the iceberg on branding here.

A brand is an identity. Everyone has an identity that is unique and we don’t tend to utilize it and share it with the world. We don’t communicate it because it is hard for us to really know who we are (believe it or not!). Having a strong brand is all about knowing who you are, what you do that is unique and what your gift is to share with the world…and by identifying all of this you end up attracting your ideal clients and customers.

So how do you start to define your brand? Here are some questions to start asking yourself…

  • What are some of the things you enjoy doing?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What types of things did you like to do when you were younger? This is a good question because when you were younger you didn’t filter your interests based on fear, money or other things we learn as we get older. So those things that you were interested in when you were younger comes from a very soulful place.

All of these puzzle pieces come into play when you are developing your brand. Stay tuned for more information about branding and how your personal and business brand go hand-in-hand to create the business and life that you desire.

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Till next time…I encourage you to do at least one thing today to advance your Brand.


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