Expertize, Monetize, Productize and Celebritize with Brad Axelrad

by Ruth Klein on October 20, 2010

It’s been proven time and time again; the most powerful way to extend your professional reach is to Expertize, Monetize, Productize, and Celebritize, or what Brad calls E.M.P.A.C.! I am thrilled that Brad has asked me to be a part of this amazing teleseminar along with Jason Westlake, Gina Romanello, and Melanie Hansen for a humdinger of a new TeleClass series! Together we can accomplish so much more! I guarantee that you will walk away from these calls with new ideas and more value than you expect!

I will be joining Brad on Thursday, October 21st and will divulge some of my best techniques and how to start applying them now to get real results! Join us tonight and for one or all of my four upcoming E.M.P.A.C. coaching calls where you will learn proven profit generating techniques!!!

Here is the call-in information:

Dial-In #: 712-432-0075 and use passcode 956188#
Time: 6:00 – 6:40 pm PST

The four E.M.P.A.C. calls are designed to compliment each other, but each one also stands alone as a pillar of business excellence. Here is only some of what you’ll learn of the new E.M.P.A.C. TeleClass series!

  • Five key action steps you can take right now to garner joint venture partners for your very next promotion at no cost to you…
  • How to become confident in your business decision-making, even if you’re shy.
  • The fundamental difference between joint ventures and affiliate marketing that you must know and how to best utilize both
  • The shocking secret about affiliate marketing that nobody wants to talk about…
  • Powerful branding strategies that make you more memorable than “the other guy,” and why so many fail at branding
  • How to curiosify your writing and engage your audience more effectively.
  • The reason why some people make big money with networking and others don’t


10-28-2010 – Jason Westlake is one of this industry’s premier “monster” wranglers! His area of expertise is creating fearless success, which is key if you want to celebritze your business! In this call Jason will enlighten us with his most poignant tactics for conquering your personal monster(s) and reclaiming the possibility that you deserve!

11-4-2010 – Melanie Hansen creates curiously good marketing copy that gets a response and focuses on valuable content! In this call she will teach us 20 questions that will instantly improve and curiosify almost any written marketing copy such as emails, blogs, social networking, or slogans! Learning how to communicate effectively and create interest is a key component of E.M.P.A.C.!

11-11-2010 – Gina Romanello is masterful in the art of creating symbiotic business relationships that can significantly and seamlessly increase your profits by maximizing your marketing efforts. In this call we will learn ways to create strategic partnerships (even with no list), avoid online marketing suicide, and how to incorporate these creative buzz-generating methods with little or no experience! This call is all about spreading the word and being heard!

Make this a turning point in your career; don’t miss this rare opportunity to harness the power of my consulting team free of cost and obligation.

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