Do You Have a Strong Brand – Five Easy Ways to Check?

by Ruth Klein on October 15, 2010

By Ruth Klein, Integrative Brand Strategist & Productivity Coach

A strong brand is vital to your business and the answer to this question, “Do you have a strong brand,” very often shows up in your bottom line; the ease or difficulty in getting new clients; the amount of competition you find yourself in or when you’re often searching for or changing your overall business model or marketing strategies.

In my practice, I find that most businesses do not have a clearly defined Personal and Business Brand. So, I want to share five easy ways to see if you have a strong brand.

1. You Have a Waiting List. Can you imagine having a waiting list for your next product, book, program or consultation date to work with you privately? Well, I’m here to share with you that not only is it possible, it is also one of the best measurements of the strength of your brand.

You might be thinking, “But Ruth, if I don’t get my clients immediately in a program or “squeeze” them into my schedule for a private consultation, then they’ll go to one of my competitors.” Aha! You just said something extremely important and that is… “they will go to one of your competitors.”

I repeatedly find that when you have a strong brand you don’t have any competitors! Why? Because you’ve done such a great job in communicating who you are and who your business (or book) is and the uniqueness that only you can bring to the table because you’re the one involved. This is true for small business owners, books and authors, artists, professionals, students wanting to get into college or graduate school that requires an essay.

You can see how I do this LIVE during my monthly free Laser Brand Coaching calls…it will be one of the best hours you’ve spent in a long time…and you may be one of two clients I choose each month to laser brand coach.

2. Referrals On a Regular Basis. Are you finding that your clients or customers are coming from word-of-mouth – clients and customers who have really appreciated your products and services or found them to be helpful to solve problems? If you underestimate how important this element is to a strong brand, I want you to think of the last three purchases you made and if you asked a friend or another person about the product or service before you bought it?

Testimonials are another version of word-of-mouth marketing. You will want to make sure that you have many testimonials on your website, as well as your sales letters as they act as virtual marketers for your business, products and services.

You can now see how vital it is to “capture” the comments from people who have used your products or services….your testimonials act as an extension of your sales team (for free)!!

3. Client Engagement. There are four parts to client engagement that I’d like to share with you here:

  • People ask for your card after you introduce yourself and share what you do (within two minutes)
  • People ask to receive your newsletter or want to follow what you’re up to
  • Your twitter followers retweet your posts
  • You begin receiving personal emails on social networking sites for more personalized information

4. Your Brand Peaks Curiosity. Your message is so clear and focused that people understand and resonate with what you’re saying and they get a clear idea of what you do and how you can help them solve their problems. This can happen at the gym, coffee house, yoga studio, a meeting, etc.

This is why your Brand Message needs to be clear, benefit-oriented AND in the same language for them to understand…therefore you must understand generational marketing (the attractors, detractors, needs and wants of different generations).

5. Your Name or Your Business Name is Recognizable. When you meet people they say, “your name (or business name) sounds familiar.” That’s a very good sign that your name is being seen, heard and watched. You’re getting through the crowd and the “noise” as your name is somewhat familiar…it doesn’t really matter where they know your name from…just the fact that it is familiar means that your name is getting “buzz” and you’re in an excellent starting place for positioning yourself as the expert that you are… using your skills, talents, gifts and intellectual property!

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Here’s to becoming an Expert Celebrity™!

Ruth Klein

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