How the New Branding Shift Affects Business Today

by Ruth Klein on September 13, 2010

By Ruth Klein, Integrative Brand Strategist & Productivity Coach

Are you ready for the New Branding Shift in Business? This shift is large and is having a pivotal impact on most businesses, large and small. When I think of the word, “shift,” I think of a change in mental or emotional perception…even if it’s only slight.

And, in most cases the BRAND SHIFT is slight although it has legs and has quake-like impact. I’d like you to consider three aspects of this brand shift, and if used as part of your Brand & Marketing Campaign, can help propel your brand message and ‘conversation’ with your targeted prospects and clients.


How transparent are you in your business? There are several ways to exercise “transparency” in your business. Here are two of them…

  1. Are you presently providing videos on your website or your sales letters that promote your products or services?Why is this important? People…your prospective buyers want to see who you are. They will either resonate with you or they won’t. We love to “know” who we’re dealing with and face-to-face is still the most prized way to establish a business relationship. Embracing technology helps bring who you are and what you do to a whole new level…a seismic SHIFT.
  2. What are your messages saying to the public? Are they coming from the mind or are they coming from a place that people can relate to…from the heart? Most recently I received a question for my monthly “Ask Ruth“.Question: How much of your soul should you bare, especially if you are a very “open book” by nature & in which arenas? Perhaps “how much is too much” is a better way to put it?

This is a great question because it is real and there is a balance to how transparent you want to be in business. Many people are finding this out first hand with their online profiles on Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites where they may have been too transparent and now they’re having difficulty finding jobs, for example.

My guideline is: If you can share it with your clients, chances are it’s okay to share it with others!


We all have experienced the unbelievable “speed lightning” of technology and the instantaneous responses via email; instant messaging, faxes (yes, even faxes), texting, and all the other avenues.

What I’m referring to here is the ability to think of something and then get it to market immediately! How many times have you sat on a product launch; started to offer a new service; worked on a book; or invented a new product or program and then you “sat” on it for awhile, only to find later that someone else had the idea AND did something about it? I know the answer… too many times!

Here is my best suggestion for taking action: Start taking 100% Personal Responsibility for what you’re doing and what you want to do and…. Secondly, just take action. Every time you’re in doubt, just think of Nike’s great tagline: “Just Do It.” Why do most of us resonate so much with Nike’s tagline? Because we need to be reminded to “Just Do It.”

Let me give you a perfect example of what I’m referring to above…

Immediacy: 100% Personal Responsibility and “Just Do It.” Just today I saw in my inbox a conference that I would love to be part of and contribute my experiences and ideas…we share the same target market. I had asked to be part of the “speakers lineup” a year ago and it never came to pass.

So, today when I saw that the conference had grown and there were a lot of new speakers, I had a momentary…ok, maybe it was more like 30 minutes of “I wish….”

Then, I realized that rather than stay “stuck” and “unproductive” and “wait for someone else to come knocking,” I had a huge SHIFT…remember the title of this whole article…” How the New Branding Shift Affects Your Business??

Well, I realized that I can take Personal Responsibility and select other businesses that I share more resonance with (I’m not even in alignment with most of the speakers!!! — this awareness came to me after I made the Branding Shift) and create another large event. Done! So, I spoke with wonderful professional colleagues and we are creating our wonderful offering that will help others in a soul-centered way…reinforcing my business brand!


Time is the new currency today and technology has helped pick up the “urgency” of time. What that means to you and me is that if we’re going to say something to our clients, prospects, community, networking groups, social media, tweets, let’s make it relevant and not waste anyone’s time…I really appreciate businesses that respect my time!

That is the number one reason that most professionals didn’t use Twitter when it first came on the scene…the element of Relevancy was not perceived to be part of the Twitter culture. Of course, the Twitter map has had a pivotal SHIFT in perceived value by professionals, entrepreneurs and others …who highly value their own and other’s time.

Here are two ways to bring Relevancy into your Business Brand:

  1. Start blogging if you haven’t already. It appears that blogging is no longer a step-child to email messaging or websites…it is a full-blown branding strategy to send out relevant material. Your readers, listeners, clients, communities and subscribers want good information in bite-size pieces (Immediacy). Businesses that aren’t sending out bite-size messages (in television and radio they are called “sound bites) are losing the relationship and conversation with their followers and community. These bite-size pieces of information are perfect for tweeting good content…which in turn, can take your followers to your blog.I suggest you blog three to four times a week or offer a really good article once a week…experiment and see which works best for you and your community.
  2. Keep the messaging focused on what your community wants to hear and learn… and make sure it’s valuable to them.For example, Drew Gerber with Pitch Rate ( interviewed me for his Happy Hour that he offers to his clients and subscribers for free…he interviews “experts” in areas that his clients and prospects would find valuable and interesting.If you would like to listen to the recording, click here. The call is jam-packed with amazingly useful info about finding your unique, profitable and purpose-driven brand. Find out how to uncover your brand purpose, how to package all that you do, the myths of marketing, and more. We also chatted about how I landed O, The Oprah Magazine!Pitch Rate ( is a free media connection service for journalists, experts, and publicists…it’s amazing!

Here’s to becoming an Expert Celebrity™!


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Lisa-Catherine Cohen September 24, 2010 at 12:40 am

Dear Ruth,
Well, in your few succinct words, I’ve already learned a lot! You walk your verbal talk; in other words, what you are teaching us to do in blogs, and in business, you’re doing. You’re transparent, relevant, immediate, and very targeted—focused might be the more accurate word.
My focus—that I think has, regarding the business world, flung me farther from it, rather than helped me stay grounded in it (I am an artist-type—a writer, painter, songwriter, performer, and that requires as much PR as, say, a plumbing business)—is more New-Age, spiritual, metaphysical—more flowing dresses than suit-and-briefcase business-y.
However, what I just read makes me realize that business and heart are not at odds at all! What you’ve made me understand is: that this “Branding Shift” must happen first at a soul level (and will manifest outward from there)—something I heartily believe in; and that a marketing campaign most ideally comes from the heart and not the head (which, to my “mind” will connect more readily than fact-filled treatises, even, yes, with men); that what I make (or don’t make) happen is fully my own responsibility; and that there is a personal touch to it that is not only allowed but encouraged (the great idea that I can speak on camera, make a DVD, and place it on my Website so people—less people-y is the word “client” to me—can actually meet and get to know me—even if they live in Yemen! What can be more spiritual—and grounded at the same time—than all of this? Makes so much sense, too. (I do possess a strong left brain that hungers for logic and believes fully in what the famous movie, “The Secret” misses: taking action on what you spend time imagining and visualizing.
So, the action I plan to take is A) write this comment on Ruth’s 4G Summit site (done!) Boy, finishing an action does feel good!, and B) go to Ruth’s event and sit at the feet of this Branding guru!
Thanks, Ruth, for being such a heartful voice in the too-often heartless corporate world!


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