What is your overall Marketing Plan?

by Ruth Klein on August 6, 2010

By Ruth Klein, Integrative Brand Strategist & Productivity Coach

What is your overall Marketing Plan?

What are the working strategies for each piece of the marketing pie?

When you’re clear on your Brand, then you begin to see other market niche groups that can be helped by your products and services.

This is one of the ways to leverage your marketing to reinforce your Brand. All of your marketing efforts need to go towards reinforcing your Brand.

For example, most recently I did Laser Brand Coaching with an Integrative Doctor and asked her a few pivotal questions. Very quickly I was able to see an important market segment that was not included in her marketing plan. When I brought this to her attention, she could quickly understand the pscyhographics and demographics that she had not “seen” in her practice for the last four years.  A new market niche was discovered… within ten minutes.

This one market niche is valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars for the doctor!

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