How do you get your message out?

by Ruth Klein on August 10, 2010

By Ruth Klein, Integrative Brand Strategist & Productivity Coach

How do you get your message out to the people that can benefit most…your Ideal Customer/Client?

And, what are the different communication vehicles you will be using to get your message(s) out there? Because there is so much distraction and “noise” out there, it takes a more Strategic Communication Plan to get your message out than any other time in history. You don’t have the luxury to send out mixed messages or messaging that is not clear and to the point.

For example, I’m going to be facilitating a 3-day seminar in October and one of the publicity strategies I’m using to launch the “Brand” (4G Branding: The Next Generation) is to send out a sizzle reel introducing the seminar without much detail. Why?

Because it’s just to get people introduced to it…since it takes between eleven and fifteen “touches” today (before the internet became big, it only took about seven touches), I consider that the first “touch.”

If you’re interested in seeing the sizzle reel, please go here…..4G Branding Event.

I also plan to hand deliver and mail out CDs of the sizzle reel to people I know and meet. I have a stack of CDs ready to pass out as appropriate.

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Monda Raquel Webb August 13, 2010 at 10:23 pm

Hi, Ruth:

I like the concept. We are such a visual nation. Paper, copy heavy brochures and personal invitations are costly and may not receive a second glance.

The video is simple, direct with a hint of ambiguity, and intriguing.

Continued blessings and best of luck!

Warm regards,



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