Creating Powerful Expert Celebrity™ Brand Positioning

by Ruth Klein on August 9, 2010

By Ruth Klein, Integrative Brand Strategist & Productivity Coach

Creating a strong “Brand Thumbprint” is something that is becoming more and more important as well as pivotal to do… particularly with the plethora of new websites going up all the time introducing new products, business ideas, books and services!

How are you going to stand out from the crowd? Finding your true business essence, or uniqueness has always been an important element in attracting clients and customers…and it is even more vital today.

In addition, have you ever wanted to get better known in your industry…or book genre, to reach more people that can use your services and/or products? I would like to think that most of us really do what we do because we want to be of service to others by using our skills, talents and intellectual capital.

With that foundational premise, I would like to introduce a new concept to you. I refer to it as creating your Expert Celebrity™ Brand Positioning.

I checked a few definitions from several sources and this is what I came up with for the words “expert” and “celebrity”…

An Expert is: Taught by use, practice, or experience; experienced; having facility of operation or performance from practice; knowledge and ready from much practice; clever, skillful; knowledge as a result of experience or training; proficient

A Celebrity is: someone who is famous; well-publicized person; being celebrated…the state of being celebrated; well-known

Most foundationally, I work with clients to help bring their “voices, talents, intellectual capital and experiences” and teach them strategies to monetize their expertise while attracting clients, customers, and readers who can benefit most from their products and services… I do this by creating Expert Celebrity™ Brand Positioning for them.

You might be wondering what does Expert Celebrity™ Brand Positioning really mean?

That’s a great question and I’ve identified Seven Elements that when integrated, creates strong Expert Celebrity™ Brand Positioning. They are:

  1. Brand Clarification (Offline & Online) – Identifying and/or Reinforcing a Clear & Focused Brand
  2. Marketing (Offline & Online) – Creating a Strong Marketing Plan that Identifies All Targeted Market Niches
  3. Publicity (Offline & Online) – Creating the Strategies to Communicate the Message(s)
  4. Social Media – Creating a Social Media Plan that Reinforces Your Brand
  5. Generational Marketing (Offline & Online) – How to Understand the Different Generational Buying Habits between Baby Boomers and Generation X for example.
  6. Time Management & Productivity – Creating the Schedule to Implement the Marketing Plan and Publicity Strategies
  7. Intention – The Neuro-Science that Motivates the Mind…from Thoughts to Ideas to Action

Interestingly enough, I identified these Seven Elements after speaking with the brilliant Michael Gerber from the “E-Myth” Book Series. I had the honor to chat with him and first thing he asked me was what do I do…really do? The second question he asked me was, “How can you scale what you do to work with more people? And the third question was the ‘zinger’ for me as he asked, “Is your boutique branding firm franchisable?”

Boy, did I have to stop and think for a while and these questions kept going through my head long after we hung up the phone. Three months later, I identified the Seven Elements of Expert Celebrity™ Brand Positioning. I thought I was clear on my Brand, but my Brand had grown legs over the last three years and my messaging and “Brand Print” did not incorporate all of what I am presently doing…Big shock to me!!

So, I ask all of you to answer these three questions…I mean really think and write the answers down. Here they are again:

Question #1: What is it that you really do?

Question #2: How can you scale what you do so you can work with more people…hundreds, thousands, millions?

Question #3: Is your product…services…book franchisable? Have you created a system to offer your services and products and created the systems in such a way that you don’t have to be present?

I will be sharing information on all of these Seven Elements in the months to come, via video, audio, podcasts and blogs…stay tuned!

Here’s to becoming an Expert Celebrity™!

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